CTE-26 and Pathway Resources

CTE-26 Resources

Pathway Resources

State of Ohio Initiatives

Ohio Department of Education Career Tech

Improving Equity in CTE
Ambassador Workshop 2 Materials:
Advance CTE, With Learners, Not For Learners: A Toolkit for Elevating Learner Voice in CTE.  

    1. Destigmatizing Career and Technical Education: Step One in Making CTE a Viable Option for All | by The Student Voice Forum | The Student Voice Forum
    2. Race Forward (2014, May 12). Chapter 1 – High School. Youtube. 

Senate Bill 166 – Tax Incentive for Work-based Learning


Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36)


Work-Based Learning

Business Advisory Councils

State Supported Internships


Heath Collaborative:

Video Resources



2022 Early College SuccessBound Healthcare Event

Did you miss the LIVE event on 4/19/22?

Please complete the survey if you participated LIVE or via RECORDING:  SURVEY


2022 SuccessBound Inspire to Hire Leadership Breakfast

(in conjunction with Junior Achievement Inspire to Hire Event)


March 17, 2021 – Recorded
Pre-apprenticeship sessions
Passcode: qUbA#5uc

Your 1st Healthcare Job
May 12, 2021 – Recording
Passcode: b^QL43Mf