SWTP/CTE – FY22 Upcoming Events

Southwest Region Tech Prep and CTE Events

2021-2022 School Year 

SW Region Partners Meeting—Sept. 8 @ Great Oaks Scarlet Campus 

Ohio ACTE Leadership and Empowerment Meeting—Sept. 24 @Westshore Career Tech—Lakewood HS 

ACTE/NCLA Best Practices Conference—Sept. 29-Oct. 1—Austin, TX 

AIM Hire Virtual Conference—Oct. 6—1:00-3:00 (Virtual) 

PD Day for new CTE Educators—ODE Event—Oct. 5/6 

OACTS Issues Forum—Oct. 7–Westerville 

OCTA Fall Conference—Oct. 13-15 @Embassy Suites, Dublin, OH 

ODE–SW WBL Educator’s Virtual Workshop–Oct. 7—9am-11am  

OMA Virtual Workforce Summit—Oct. 27 and 28 

SW/W Regional Administrator WBL Workshop–November (Date, Time and Location TBD) 

State Career Awareness and Exploration Meeting—Nov. 2—Eastland CC 

OSII Conference—November 3—Virtual 

SW  HealthForce 2021 Event—November 4—Virtual 9am-11:15am 

NCPN Conference—November 4-5—Virtual 

OSBA Conference—November 7-9—Columbus Convention Center 

SW CT Council Meeting—November 10@Great Oaks Scarlet Campus 1pm-2:30pm 

Ohio ACTE CTEP Conference—Nov. 18-19—Embassy Suites, Columbus 

SW CT Council Meeting—December 8—Virtual (Zoom link will be provided via SW Tech Prep registration link) 

ACTE Vision Conference—Dec. 1-4—New Orleans, LA 

ODE Equity Labs—First three weeks of December—9:00-3:00—Hosted by ODE 

Southwest Region CTE-26 Workshop—January (Date, time and location TBA) 

SW CT Council Meeting—January 12@Great Oaks Scarlet Campus 1pm-2:30pm  

Quality Program Review Workshops—North and South Meeting—Mid to late January—Hosted by ODE 

Ohio ACTE Legislative Seminar—Feb. 9-10—Sheraton, Columbus 

CTE-26 Deadline—March 1 

SW CT Council Meeting—March 9@Great Oaks Scarlet Campus 1pm-2:30pm 

OCTA Spring Conference—March 16-18@Embassy Suites, Dublin, OH 

ACTE National Policy Seminar—March 21-23—DC 

OACTS Issues Forum—April 7–Westerville 

SW CT Council Meeting—April 13—Virtual (Zoom link will be provided via SW Tech Prep registration link) 

ACTE WBL Conference—April 28-29–Utah 

ACTE Region 1 Conference—May 4-6—Grand Rapids, MI 

SW CT Council Meeting—May 11@Great Oaks Scarlet Campus 1pm-2:30pm 

Ohio ACTE Summer Conference–July 25-27, 2022  

Additional Dates:  CLNA Workshops, Equity Labs, WBL Workshops, SuccessBound Webinars and Workshops, QPR Meetings