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ODE – CTE – Program Design – Scope & Sequence

CTE-26 and Pathway Resources

CTE-26 Resources
Pathway Resources

CTE Coffee Chat

State of Ohio Initiatives

Ohio Department of Education Career Tech

Senate Bill 166 – Tax Incentive for Work-based Learning


Ohio Transfer 36 (OT36)


Work-Based Learning

Business Advisory Councils

State Supported Internships

Career Connections and OhioMeansJobs K-12

  • Today, students need to see a link between what they are learning and future work. Career Connections offer practical ways for teachers and school counselors, families and community members to show students, as early as in kindergarten, the types of careers possible for them.

High Schools That Work

  • High Schools That Work (HSTW) is the nation’s first large-scale effort to jointly engage the cooperation of state and school leaders, teachers, students, parents and the community. The aim is to improve how high school students are prepared for work, careers and further education by enhancing curriculum and instruction at high school and middle-grade levels.

Southern Regional Education Board Advanced Career (AC) Grant

  • Ohio high schools and career-technical centers can apply for grants to implement Advanced Career Pathways. The purpose of Advanced Career (AC) Grant is to support schools in deploying rigorous career and technical education programs of study.

Equity in Career-Technical Education


FY23 Scrubs Camp 

50 students from Great Oaks participated

Closing luncheon video:  HERE

Pictures: HERE


The Health Collaborative:

Video Resources


2022 Early College SuccessBound Healthcare Event

Did you miss the LIVE event on 4/19/22?

Please complete the survey if you participated LIVE or via RECORDING:  SURVEY


2022 SuccessBound Inspire to Hire Leadership Breakfast

(in conjunction with Junior Achievement Inspire to Hire Event)


March 17, 2021 – Recorded
Pre-apprenticeship sessions
Passcode: qUbA#5uc

Your 1st Healthcare Job
May 12, 2021 – Recording
Passcode: b^QL43Mf