New state CTAG resources

  • For high school students and families: This flyer compares CTAGs, CCP, and AP as three of the most common opportunities for college credit for high school students. Please feel free to copy and distribute this flyer widely at any promotional or recruitment events you host. Additionally, this online version on the Credit Transfer Ohio website provides the same information in a slightly different format, as well as an additional section at the end featuring some additional opportunities for credit. We link to the web version from several other relevant pages on our website (e.g., the CTAG student page, the AP student page, etc.).
  • For high school faculty and staff: This FAQ page on the Transfer Credit Ohio website outlines the most important CTAG policies and provides tips for high school faculty and staff to help their students access credit. It also outlines best practices districts should follow in order to ensure their students will be eligible for college credit. We will continue to update this page as needed.
  • For college faculty: This submission guidance document outlines tips for preparing CTAG submissions to the review panel. The document also links to this new submission guidance FAQ page for college faculty, which includes the same tips for preparing successful submissions, but also includes much more detail on the CTAG initiative and review process as a whole. (Note:  both versions of the submission guidance information also includes ITAGs, since the submission process for CTAGs and ITAGs is the same.)