Engineering and Manufacturing Workshops

A series of virtual programs that combine hands-on technology with employer and postsecondary expertise is designed for high school students who are interested in career tech pathways. Cincinnati State, Miami University, Southern State, University of Cincinnati and area employers are collaborating to offer programs.

Sessions will be adapted to home or in-school delivery. To request a program, submit the form below the session list. Scheduling and session information will provided.

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CNC Programming
Rob Speckert, Miami University
This presentation will explore the development of CNC machines and how they work. We will use a CNC Simulator software to program a milling machine using basic G-codes.
Materials: Students need access to CNC Simulator Pro (free download)
Grade level: 10 – 12   Delivery is Virtual

Fun with Programming
Tomie Gartland, Cincinnati State
Students will work in teams to compete against each other.The object of the game is to get as many points as you can without the snake hitting the wall or biting himself. Each time the green snake eats a strawberry cake, he will grow. See if you can read this programming code and figure out how snake really works!
Materials: Computer access; program link will be shared prior to session
Grade level: 9-12

World’s Simplest Motor
Larry Feist, Cincinnati State
Students will be introduced to the basic principles of electro-magnetism and its impact on the world from motors to robotics. Simple motor, big impact! These principles will be tested and demonstrated by building a basic DC motor. Kits will be distributed prior to each session.
Materials: DC Motor kits and D-Cell battery
Grade level: 10-12

Industrial Robotics Demo
Dr. Mert Bal (and other ENT faculty) , Miami University
In-Person Lecture and Hands-On Activity at 002 Thesken Hall, Miami University Middletown campus
Lecture: Introduction to Industrial Robots. Learn how an industrial 6-axes anthropomorphic robot works. Robot safety systems, and application examples in welding, material handling, pick and place.
Hands-On: Basic teach-pendant operations. Jogging robots in joints and cartesian coordinates. Editing and running robot programs.
Materials: FANUC LR Mate and Motoman GP8 Robot carts in ENT Robotics Lab.
Grade Level: 9-12video clips taken in Miami University Robotics laboratory to demonstrate some types of robots discussed during the session.
Materials: None
Grade Level: 9-12  Delivery is on-campus at Miami University Middletown

Internet of Things Demo and Discussion
Dr. Reza Abrishambaf, Miami University
The Internet of Things is a network of devices that are embedded with sensors, actuators, communication modules, and software to facilitate the connectivity. The concept is used in industrial automation, building management systems, and remote sensing. We will discuss Raspberry Pi as an example of an IoT device- demonstrating its features and capabilities and how it is used in IoT applications.
Materials: None
Grade Level: 9-12  Delivery is virtual.

Manufacturing Career Opportunities
Industry Employers
Panel Discussion-TBD
A video and discussion about regional careers and technology. Area employers will discuss future trends, job opportunities and hiring qualifications.
Materials: None
Grade level: 9-12  Delivery is virtual.

Arduino Microcontroller and Robots
Dr. Hiren Gami, Miami University
An examination of Arduino microcontrollers and how they are programmed. This workshop will focus on using the Arduino to control robots.
Materials: None
Grade level: 9-12  Delivery is virtual.

Fundamentals of Flight -Foam Airplane Project
Jeff Wright, Cincinnati State
Students will learn about the principles and fundamentals of flight. Following a presentation, students will build a foam airplane and experiment with flight patterns.
Materials: Foam Airplane Kits
Grade level: 10-12

LED Chaser
Dr. Roger Seifried, Miami University
Students will be introduced to logic and timing circuits used by engineering technicians. With virtual support, students will build an LED Chaser project.
Materials: LED Chaser Kits
Grade level: 11-12  Delivery can be virtual or in-person at your school.

Cincinnati State Co-Op Opportunity
Noelle Grome and Co-Op Coordinators and Employers
Nov. 13 Panel Discussion
A team of Cincinnati State co-op coordinators, employers and students will introduce cooperative learning opportunity, describing their experiences and the value co-op learning adds to education.
Materials: None
Grade level: 9-12  Delivery is virtual.

Truss Bridge

Miami University, Dr. Tiger Yu


This workshop is for students interested in engineering, especially in Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering. For future mechanical engineers (engineers build machines) and civil engineers (engineers build tall structures), the topic covered in the workshop belongs to a class called Statics, which is a foundation class leading to a successful career in the field.

No technical background is required for the workshop, just bring your laptop.

Grade level: 9-12  Delivery is virtual.
Click the file for additional details. Truss Bridge Analysis Intro

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