The process for renewing CTE-26 applications has transitioned to renewal based on expiration of the approved program application. The program renewal chart will no longer be used. Career-Technical Education (CTE) program approval will now be focused around the approval window of the program application rather than program. Approved CTE programs are valid for five consecutive fiscal years. Renewal application approval shall be subject to review under ORC. 3317.161 section (E).

Local districts will submit renewal applications for programs that are in the last fiscal year of the current approved application as indicated by the CTE-26 System. For example, programs with approval for period FY2020-FY2024 will renew by March 1, 2024 allowing programs to remain effective FY2024-2028. Please refer to the current approval period for your program as indicated in the CTE-26 System.

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Career-Based Intervention

  • Career Based Intervention (CBI) programs are designed for students ages 12-21 in grades 7-12, who are identified as disadvantaged (either academically, economically, or both) and students with disabilities, who have barriers to achieving academic and career success. CBI helps students improve academic competency, develop professional skills, and implement a career plan that will serve them on the path to graduation and beyond. 

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is a set of courses that draws from a range of disciplines and contexts (education, business, social, economic, cultural, technological, geographical, political) to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families and communities.

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