High quality technical educational pathways, early college credit and enhanced opportunity for work-based learning and in-demand employment opportunity are the focus of Ohio College Tech Prep.

Since 1991, Ohio has invested significantly in this concept and diligently worked to brand Tech Prep in Ohio on a national level. In 2013, the state transitioned all non-Tech Prep career-technical education programs to the high-quality College Tech Prep program standards. As a result, all career-technical education programs are synonymous with Tech Prep programs in Ohio.

Six Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers link Ohio’s 91 career-technical planning districts, 23 community colleges and 14 universities to ensure high-quality career-technical education options for students.

Tech Prep Southwest Region Services

  • Engage area employers in pathway development and student career exploration through shadowing, mentoring, mock interviews, work-based learning and apprenticeships
  • Support curriculum teams to identify credit opportunity, target professional development and facilitate career tech program approval documentation
  • Map alignment of secondary, postsecondary and employment opportunities considering course selection and expanded postsecondary options including adult education, apprenticeships, certificates and other employment training
  • Support student transition to college and access to credit opportunities
  • Collaborate with ODE and ODHE to share tools, resources and provide professional development
  • Facilitate collaboration between college faculty and secondary instructors to close the gap between college expectations and secondary student preparation
  • Expand student access to multiple postsecondary options

Regional Center Points of Contact

Ohio Department of Education Tech Prep Website