New ITAG for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate


The ITAG aligns the CDA, issued by the Council for Professional Recognition, to college credit for Early Childhood Education associate degree programs that prepare students to work with preschool-aged children. The focus is currently on the preschool specialization of the CDA; this is not an educator preparation pathway.
Three courses are included in the CDA ITAG. Two of the three courses were developed from existing Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) courses and share a set of common learning outcomes with them: Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ITECE001) and Health, Safety,
and Nutrition (ITECE002). The third course, Observation and Assessment (ITECE004), is new and was developed for the purpose of this ITAG.

ITAGs align industry-recognized credentials to college credit.  More information on ITAGs can be found on the ODHE website.