Career Tech Students Are Ready for High Skill High Demand Careers

College Tech Prep programs offer college-equivalent courses in high schools to qualified students who are interested in technical careers. You prepare for college while developing skills you need for challenging technical careers. Programs link two years of high school with at least two years of college. You’ll get a jump start leading to an associate or bachelor’s degree or postsecondary certification and employment in a high skill, high tech career.

Ohio offers many career technical options that prepare students for the world of work. Examples of these careers include nursing, information technology, automotive services, welding and cosmetology. There are a variety of choices in training programs, and many of them not only prepare students to enter into a career but also prepare them to transition to college degree programs.

Career-Technical Education (CTE) is available at every public high school in the state of Ohio. If you're a current high school student, find out more about the CTE your school district offers.