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WebXams will add three practice tests

WebXam practice tests in information technologies, transportation and cosmetology will be added this fall to the list of practice tests available to career tech students and teachers.  

A practice test consists of 20 items that can be taken by teachers and students; items will not be used in pre- or post-tests. A percent (%) score, but no performance level, is reported for each student.  WebXam staff might use the data to find out if students who take a practice test “do better” in their live test performance.

Currently 12 practice tests are available. More will come as field testing completes.

  • Construction                  – 27PR.02 Electrical Systems
  • Construction                  – 27PR.01 Mechanical and Plumbing Systems
  • Construction                  – 45PR.01 Structural Systems
  • Construction                  – 15PR.01 Construction Design, Management
  • Engineering                   – 26PR.01 Engineering and Design
  • Health                           – 23PR.01 Exercise and Sports Med
  • Health                           – 25PR.01 Allied Health and Nursing
  • Health                           – 47PR.01 Medical Bioscience
  • Health                           – 22PR.01 Health Information Management
  • Manufacturing                – 28PR.01 Manufacturing Operations
  • Law & Public Safety      – 41PR.01 Firefighting and Emergency Medical
  • Law & Public Safety      – 43PR.01 Criminal Justice
  • NEXT YEAR:                -- Transportation, IT, Cosmetology


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